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Elevate your eco-friendly style with B. Miyo Arts' beautifully designed reusable tote bag, handcrafted right here on the island of Maui. This tote not only captures the natural beauty of the island in its design but also promotes sustainability, making it the ideal companion for your shopping trips, beach excursions, or everyday use.


Canvas Tote Bag

Made from 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 15 x 15 inches

Machine wash cold, inside out, with similar colors

Art meaning: The Nēnē is a Hawaiian native goose and the official state bird of Hawaii. Alongside it is the Ohelo plant, known for its small, vibrant berries used in traditional cuisines. This plant holds cultural significance and flourishes in volcanic soil, enriching Hawaii's distinct ecosystem.

Nēnē Goose Tote Bag

Only 2 left in stock
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