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Journey to Hāna,
Hawaiian Style

     Welcome to Hana and Beyond, where our heart beats with the rhythm of Hāna itself. As proud natives of this land, born and raised in Hāna, Maui, Hawaii, we are honored to share its wonders with you. Locally owned and operated, our company is deeply rooted in the essence of this community. We have spent our lives traversing the winding roads and hidden trails, immersing ourselves in the rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that defines East Maui.


     At Hana and Beyond, our mission is simple: to provide you with an authentic and unforgettable experience as you journey along the Road to Hāna. With a profound knowledge of the area acquired through generations of living here, we curate immersive tours that showcase the best of what Hāna has to offer. From the majestic waterfalls cascading down lush cliffsides to the serene beauty of remote beaches and the captivating stories of ancient Hawaiian sites, our tours offer a window into the soul of Hāna.


     As stewards of this land, we are committed to sustainable tourism practices that preserve its beauty for generations to come. When you choose Hana and Beyond, you're not just embarking on a tour – you're joining us on a voyage of discovery, guided by the spirit of aloha and the deep-rooted love we have for our home. 



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The total tour duration is approximately 9-10 hours.

Highlights will include -

  • Scenic drive through lush rainforest

  • Observe various waterfalls

  • Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

  • Kaumahina Wayside Park

  • Halfway to Hāna fruit stand

  • Pua'a Ka'a State Park (swim - weather Permitting)

  • Lunch at the Black Sand Beach (swim - weather Permitting)

  • Drive through Hana town

  • Ke'anae Peninsula

  • Final stop at Ho'okipa Beach Park (viewing of green sea turtles)

Complimentary: Deli style lunch, snacks, soda pop and water.

**Times may vary based on weather conditions, traffic and or other factors beyond the control of H&B.**




If you prefer to spend more time enjoying the stops rather than the drive, then this is the perfect tour for you. Savor the journey to Hana at your leisure, with a total tour duration of around 6 to 10 hours.

Highlights will include -

  • All "Hana & Beyond Tour" stops.

  • Depending on time, you may skip a stop or include an authorized additional one.

Complimentary Deli style lunch, Snacks, soda pop and water.


Available only for private tours or groups of 6+ or more.

**Times may vary based on weather conditions, traffic and or other factors beyond the control of H&B.** 


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Private Tours & Experiences


For any private tours please contact us for pricing.

Airport Shuttle Service

  • Kahului Airport to South Maui - $200.00

  • Kahului Airport to Lahaina, Kaanapali - $250.00

  • Kahului airport to Napili, Kapalua - $275.00

  • Up to 6 people Max.

Prices are the same from any of the above mentioned locations to the Kahului Airport.

Transport done in Ford Transit Vans.

Escalade for 3 persons max upon request.

We provide a free pick-up and return service from all major resorts and condominiums. The pick-up time is between 6:00 am and 7:00 am, and guests will receive notification of their pick-up time the day before the tour.


** All tour routes and availability may be subject to change due to weather conditions or other factors that are beyond the control of Hana & Beyond **


We had the opportunity to speak with Kainoa Carlson with @hinowdaily back in February where we delved into the significance of embracing a responsible mindset when traveling. It is crucial for visitors to prioritize leaving their destination in a better condition than they found it and to seek immersive experiences that go beyond the typical Maui vacation.


One prime example of promoting sustainable and regenerative tourism on Maui is through legally guided tours on the road to Hana. These tours play a vital role in fostering a mindset of environmental responsibility and contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the local ecosystem. Every year, thousands of travelers embark on the breathtaking journey along the road to Hana, often utilizing their own private vehicles. We strongly encourage considering the option of taking a guided tour, as it serves as an effective means to minimize the impact of visitors on the road to Hana and the Hana community. By doing so, visitors actively contribute to the preservation of this remarkable route and the overall well-being of the local community.



"The sights were very nice but what made the tour VERY SPECIAL was our driver. I believe her name was Malu. She was nothing short of tremendous, sharing her knowledge of Hawaiian history and culture along the way. I cannot imagine there is a better guide in all the islands to talk about the important aspects of the tour and what it means to be a Hawaiian citizen. Thank you thank you thank you for an amazing experience !!!"

~ Doepeke T.

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